BTS 2017 September Press Release

Date Posted: 2016-12-22

BTS 2017: Enhancing value chain for building industry

KUCHING - The Building Trade Show in 2017 celebrates 13 years as the ultimate industry destination for the building and design community in Sarawak and is marked as an important event in the calendar of the construction industry.

BTS 2017 brings together the community along the whole value chain from industry designers, suppliers, engineers and materials suppliers, stimulating the realisation of great product designs and innovations.

Over the past 13 years, BTS has supported Sarawak’s architecture, building, construction and design communities and plans are afoot to make the event in 2017 even bigger and regionally known.

BTS 2017 brings local architects, building professionals, contractors and designers together with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who work across the residential and commercial industry sectors, for 3 days of unrivalled networking and inspiration.

The Trade Show will serve as a vital business platform for them to connect, share learnings, and expand partnership horizons and meet leading market players.

Over the years since 2003, the biennial Building Trade Show has evolved to become an important event for the building industry professionals, and the only event in Sarawak that reflects the real situation in the construction materials market.

Both exhibitors and visitors at previous BTS share the opinion that the exhibition creates a pleasant business environment and efficient networking conditions and where the participants can fulfil their expectations and achieve the set goals. Every year the exhibition shows a steady growth, both in exhibitors’ number and size. The booth and expositions design have become more interesting and attractive as well. The exhibitors use interesting constructive solutions, efficient materials and design.

“ Good product design has a role in addressing evolving customer needs, sustainability demands and regulatory requirements,” said the organising chairman, Bong Joon Hin, from the Sarawak Chapter of Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAMSC)

Additionally, design plays an increasingly important role in the success of new products as it shapes the look, feel and perceived value.

Bong added, “BTS 2017 aims to bridge the gap between creative ideas, form and function to help customers bring new innovative products to the market and it helps to break down barriers between the different players and make the construction process more collaborative.”

Bong added: “ The biennial Building Trade Show (BTS) brings together industry professionals and players as well as end-users on a common ground where they are able to interact and acquaint with some of the latest in design and technology of buildings and homes.”

Quoting a Chinese proverb to highlight the importance of participation at the exhibition Frederick Ho, event manager of BTS 2017, said: “ Tell, people forget, Show, they understand,  Involve, they remember.” Ho is among the first two Malaysians to be conferred with a Certified Exhibition Management credential and has to his credit 30 years of experience in the exhibition industry. Either promoting awareness of the company and its capabilities , build brand awareness or generate sale leads the face-to-face event will further enhance the confidence in the products and company that is exhibiting in BTS. These Return on Investment is well worth the money and resources spent.

BTS 2017 covers the entire build and design process from flooring  to roofing and  right through to the interior fit-out. The show floor has been redesigned to reflect a more curated atmosphere to enhance the impact of exhibitor products and provide a more fluid flow for visitors. The exhibition area covers 3,500 square meters with sufficiently large space for 185 booths.

Among the highlights of BTS 2017 are BTS Gala Dinner which will be held for the first time at Borneo Convention Centre and an Architect Forum which is expected to attract 800 participants.

The main Sponsors of BTS 2017 are Weida Resources Sdn Bhd and DML Products (Borneo) Sdn Bhd  

For further enquiries on the BTS 2017, please call Techno Expo at 082-241559 or 019-8868954 or email to

Scene from BTS 2015